WiC Usask members-2022

Current Members

Committee Chair & Treasurer

Claudia De Avila Braga

I’m currently a Master’s student working with Dr. Eric Price on pro-drugs for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. I’m from Brazil and some of my favorite things in the world are camping and spending time in nature. I’ve been involved in women’s rights activism for a few years now, so I’m ecstatic to be able to work closely with other women in the sciences to bring awareness to the difficulties minorities face in academia. The future is inclusive!

Outreach co-ordinator

Tahira Hasan

I’m a PhD student working with Dr. Chris Phenix at the Department of Chemistry, USASK. My research is focused on developing PET radiotracers that could act as a diagnostic tool for Parkinson’s disease. Before becoming a student, I was teaching high school Chemistry in Pakistan. I have always encouraged my students, especially women to pursue higher education and join the professional workforce. I enjoy hiking, reading, and cooking. I am excited to be a part of Women in Chemistry creating awareness for a diverse environment here at the department.

Communications Coordinator 

Renita D’Souza

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in Chemistry under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Tim Kelly. My research focuses on Studying the stability of perovskite materials in solar cells and photodetectors, using mainly synchrotron techniques. I am very passionate about interacting with the community and promoting STEM fields that empower people to explore their potential for innovation and science. I hope to continue working together with the WiC team towards a shared goal!

WiC representative at Chemistry Course Council

Ozra Mohammadi

My name is Ozra Mohammadi. I am a Ph.D. student in chemistry in Dr. Stevens research group. I was born in Iran and got my M.Sc there from AmirKabir university of Tehran. In my spare time, I do cycling, walking, and swimming. A fun fact about me, I speak 3 languages, Turkish, Farsi and English.

Member(s) At large

Priyadarshani Disanayaka Mudiyanselage

I am born and raised in Sri Lanka. I completed my four years undergraduate degree in Chemical Technology from there. After that, I got a chance to join Dr. Stevens research group in 2020. Currently, I am a master’s student. My study is about probing singlet fission potentials of azulene analogs. In USask, the Department of Chemistry gave me the chance to embrace what I love.

Member(s) At Large

Moralba Dominguez Garcia

I am a Ph.D. Student of Usask in Chemistry Department. I work with Dr. Christopher Phenix and Dr. Eric Price to study the enzymatically cleavable linkers for Antibody Drug Conjugate. I earned my MSc. degree at the University of Puerto Rico developing anticancer compounds and worked as a research assistant at the International Center of Tropical Agriculture.  I am a friendly woman from Colombia that likes to dance to salsa music, travel, hike, bike, and swim.

Member(s) At Large

Annastacia Stubbs

Hi, I’m Annastacia, current grad student here at USask in chemistry. My research focuses on water and ice chemistry, and one day I’d like to help improve science education globally. When I’m not in lab I like to chill with friends, cook, bake and watch movies.

Member(s) At Large

Mehrnaz Mikhchian

I joined the University of Saskatchewan in September 2019 as a PhD student.  I am working in the solid-state chemistry group under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Grosvenor. The focus of my research is to study the corrosion resistance of proposed nuclear waste form materials for nuclear waste sequestration. I love teaching and interacting with my students in my TAing classes. One of my biggest interests is spending time in nature. I usually go camping and hiking during my time off because it keeps me relaxed and energized.

Member(s) At Large

Satavisha Battacharya

Born and raised in India. Finished my BSc and MSc from the Univ of Calcutta. Currently, a Ph.D. student with Dr.Jens Mueller, specializing in organometallic chem. Love traveling and watching movies in my spare time.

Member(s) At Large

Zahra Gorgannejad

Current grad student at the University of Saskatchewan. Working with Dr. Ian Burgess’s group on interfacial electrochemical methods to investigate molecule properties. 

Member(s) At Large


Undergrad Student Representative

Het Sisodiya
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