Current Members

Committee Chair 

Dr. Elaheh Khozeimeh

I was born in Iran, where I completed my undergraduate and Master’s training in Chemistry, during which time I received the highest academic honours. To further pursue my education, I then moved to Canada to take up PhD studies at the University of Saskatchewan. While working on my doctorate, I met my soulmate and we married in August 2017. Upon completion of my PhD studies, I embarked on a new research direction with the goal of exploring my strong interest in applications of Chemistry in Medicine. I am currently a SHRF and CIHR-THRUST postdoctoral fellow. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, running, biking, playing chess, and socializing with friends and family.

Vice-President- Grad and PostDoc. Studies

Whitney Shannon headshot
Whitney Shannon

My name is Whitney Shannon and I am proud to be USask-WiC’s Graduate Student Vice President! Growing up on the East Coast, I received my BSc with honours in Chemistry from Mount Allison University, working under the supervision of Dr. Glen Briand as a Main Group chemist. Currently, I am pursuing my passion for Chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan as a graduate student co-supervised by Dr. Eric Price and Dr. Steven Siciliano. I became a member of USask-WiC soon after I arrived to the UofS; and I am so happy to have done so! Not only did I become better acquainted with members of our own scientific community, but WiC has allowed me to improve my networking skills; offering opportunities to learn communicative skills from members of differing academic institutions and industry. I am beyond excited to work with the amazing members of our group this year in planning what will be many successful endeavors!

Vice-President-Undergraduate Studies 

Brianna Lukan

I’m a fourth year Chemistry student and I’m also doing research in the Gravel lab here at the U of S. My research is about the synthesis of [10]-annulene derivatives. I am originally from Prince Albert but I moved to Saskatoon for university. I’m so happy and proud to be apart of the USASK WiC group. I’ve met so many amazing people through it and I love being an advocate for equality within STEM. I also love reading, spending time outdoors, and hanging out with my friends.




Christopher Kelly
Kelly Christopher

I am a second year physics and chemistry double major with a concentration in nuclear science. I work for Dr. Steven Siciliano in the Department of Soil Science, primarily assisting with imaging soil on the BioPET system at the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences. Formerly, I was also a summer student at the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation. When I’m not playing with radioactivity or advocating for STEM initiatives, I can most often be found taking my former research beagle, Nugget, for walks, or playing with my pet rabbits Cosmos, Hertzsprung, and Russell.




Moralba Dominguez Garcia

I am a PhD Student of Usask in Chemistry Department. I work with Dr. Christopher Phenix and Dr. Eric Price studying the enzymatic cleavable linkers for Antibody Drug Conjugate. I earned my MSc. degree at University of Puerto Rico developing anticancer compounds and worked as research assistant at International Center of Tropical Agriculture.  I am a friendly woman from Colombia that likes to dance salsa music, traveling, hiking, biking and swimming.



Events and Seminar Series Coordinators

Josseline Ramos Figueroa

I am Josseline Ramos-Figueroa. I grew up in Lima-Peru; I did my post-secondary education at National University of Engineering where I got my degree in Chemistry. I worked for 1.5 years in an analytical laboratory, and during that time, I attended different university fairs to perform graduate studies abroad. This allowed me to meet USASK representatives who gladly accepted me as a graduate student. It is been a long way! Now, I am in the fifth year of my PhD working in the Palmer Lab in the interface of enzymology and organic synthesis. More than excited to have joined the Women in Chemistry group at USASK and to have met wonderful people with the same goal: support women in STEM!

Amy Stevens

I am a Research Associate, originally from the UK, working with Prof. Matt Paige and Prof. Ron Steer in the Department of Chemistry. Here, I investigate the properties of interesting molecules and materials using spectroscopic techniques. I received a Physics Undergraduate Degree from Trinity College Dublin, followed by a Physics PhD from the University of Oxford. I transitioned into Chemistry by working as a postdoc in the group of Prof. R. J. Dwayne Miller at the Max Planck Institute for Structural Dynamics, in Hamburg, and at the University of Toronto. When not playing around with lasers, I enjoy walking throughout beautiful Saskatoon, baking, and indulging in all things arty/crafty!

Media relations Coordinators 

Paul Aigbogun

I am a second year Master of Science student at the UofS and I am carrying out research in the area of medicinal chemistry. My research involves synthesizing compounds that can serve as therapeutics or diagnostics for Parkinson’s disease. I am also the design and media officer for American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Uof S chapter and graduate student representative for Nigerian Students Association (NSA). I enjoy watching and playing basketball, blogging, reading and listening to music.


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Frances Ojukwu

I am in my third year of Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Biochemical Engineering. I have always loved learning and with each class, I get more excited about the work I will be doing in the future. Being a part of this group has really enhanced my university experience. Getting the opportunity to be surrounded by a community of individuals that share the common goal for progress and equality in STEM fields continues to be a wonderful experience. I have been inspired by many great professionals and have gotten to play a role in making a difference through the various events put on by Usask- Wic.


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Emerita (Mery) Mendoza Rengifo

My name is Emerita Mendoza Rengifo and I am happy to be part of the Women in Chemistry (WiC) group. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in Geological Sciences under the supervision and guidance of Prof. Graham N. George and Prof. Ingrid J. Pickering at the University of Saskatchewan. My research focuses on characterizing the interactions of selenoenzymes with mercury, using mainly synchrotron techniques. Apart from my research, I am a volunteer in the TED talk translator where I became a fan of Phil Plait who said: “Science is at its best when it dares to be human”. I am very passionate about interacting with the community and promoting STEM fields that empower people to explore their potential for innovation and science. I hope to continue working together with the WiC team towards a shared goal!



Executive Members at Large

Amanda Zimmerling

I am a third year Materials Engineering student at the University of Alberta who was drawn into the Women in Chemistry group at the University of Saskatchewan while participating in the Inorganic Chemistry Exchange (ICE) program. Back at the U of A I am a co-president of the Materials Engineering Student Society (MESS). I enjoy spending my time in the middle of nowhere hiking, hunting and fishing.