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Café Scientifique-YXE

Thank you to everyone who came out to Dr. Elaheh Khozeimeh Sarbisheh‘s talk, “Diagnosing Cancer: a long journey”. We had a blast!

The Café Scientifique talk was a great opportunity to show my research and talk to the public about my everyday life in science as a woman. Communicating science the public is a great skill and it helps bring awareness to all levels of society. As scientists, we tend to focus on our research and sometimes it makes us isolated. We forget that we should communicate our research with the public and tax-payers.

I really appreciate this opportunity and I look forward to more public speaking in the future. This way I will always remember the importance of society in my research and the impact of my research on society. Thank you to Prof. Julia Boughner for organizing these talks and for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

Dr. Elaheh Khozeimeh Sarbisheh
Just a few of the many that made the time to come see Dr. Elaheh Khozeimeh Sarbisheh speak at Café Scientifique Saskatoon.


TOMORROW, Tuesday Nov 19th @ 7:30 PM, Café Scientifique-YXE features Dr. Elaheh Khozeimeh Sarbisheh (Dept. of Chemistry, USask). A founder of Saskatoon’s Women In Chemistry chapter, Elaheh will tell her story as a scientist working against many odds in many ways: 

“Diagnosing Cancer: A Long Journey”  

The first step in saving cancer patients’ lives is early diagnosis. Elaheh will share her efforts discovering and making new compounds to better diagnose cancer and infectious disease. You will also hear from Elaheh about the path that she had to clear to make progress as a scientist who is both a woman and a visible minority.

Please join us for this FREE event at Winston’s English Pub (243 – 21st St E) TOMORROW, Tuesday, Nov 19 @ 7:30 PM.

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